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Chongqing Yilong Coatings Co., Ltd. is a private technology enterprise specialized in R & D, production and sales of automobile and motorcycle coatings. In 2016, it was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise. The company has provincial "enterprise technology center" scientific research platform. In December 2017, the company implemented the joint-stock transformation, changing the original name of the enterprise "Chongqing Yilong paint Co., Ltd." to the current "Chongqing Yilong paint Co., Ltd.". Yilong company was founded in 2001, and moved to Shuangfu Industrial Park in Jiangjin District in 2005 to build a new factory. The factory covers an area of 30 mu, with a building area of 15000 ㎡ of workshops and research buildings, forming an annual production capacity of 15000 tons of industrial coatings. The main products are: motorcycle, automobile coating, household electronic, electrical product coating and engineering anticorrosive coating; the products are sold to 11 provinces and cities such as Chongqing, Sichuan, Jiangsu, Henan, Hebei, Shandong, etc.; the products are backbone enterprises such as motorcycles, automobiles, household appliances, etc. The products are exported to Vietnam, Laos and other Southeast Asian and African countries. Product quality and technical services, by domestic and foreign users alike. In 2016, Yilong paint won the "China automobile famous brand paint Award" of China Paint Industry Association; in 2018, it won the "China paint industry development contribution enterprise" title. In 2018, the company achieved a sudden industrial output value of 304 million yuan and total assets of 98865000 yuan, ranking among the top 100 Chinese coatings enterprises. Yilong company adheres to technological progress as the driving force for development. Long term commitment to motorcycle, automobile coating new technology, new materials, new technology, new product development and application. With an investment of 22 million yuan, the company has built up a domestic advanced vehicle coating technology research and development center, introduced and trained 41 professional and technical personnel (accounting for 39.8% of the total number of employees); the research team has strong product development and application ability. The company has established close cooperation with Chengdu Institute of organic chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chongqing University of science and technology. Efforts should be made to realize the fast connection, transformation and application of scientific research achievements and market demands. In recent years, we have achieved fruitful scientific research results, 11 national authorized patents, 3 invention patents, 2 industry standards, 5 provincial high-tech products, and the sales revenue of high-tech products accounted for 74.1% of the total revenue in 2018.

Process flow of automobile paint

The standard process of automobile paint includes inspecting the line, flat (ARC) surface, gap, grinding and modifying the beveled edge of sheet metal repair parts, dedusting, cleaning, sticking, painting the primer, filling the atomic ash, polishing the atomic ash, ultra-young atomic ash, thoroughly polishing the old paint to be sprayed with intermediate paint on the body with P280 sandpaper, cleaning the dust and stains on the body with pressure gun and desilication cleaner, and sticking Masking paper, spraying intermediate paint, polishing intermediate paint, inspection: check the polishing effect, and perform the following steps: Micro filling, removing the dust and stains on the body, sticking and protecting the body, blowing out the dust spots on the body, removing the stains on the body, blowing out the dust on the body gap, sticking out the dust on the body, spraying plain paint on the top coat, spraying primer, varnish, drying, waxing and polishing. Process flow of automobile paint 1. Check the flatness of sheet metal repair First of all, check whether the part to be painted is flat, wipe the part without sheet metal, and check whether there is depression.   2. The part to be supplemented by grinding The edge of the sheet metal shall be treated with a grinder, the feather edge around the sheet metal shall be grinded with sandpaper, and the old paint surface shall be grinded with sandpaper to expand the scope of soil filling.   3. Cleaning and oiling After grinding, clean the grinding position and painting position.   4. Intermediate coating Try to control the primer to be applied in a small range, and pay attention to the edge position to be gradual, not step like.   5. Grinding and intermediate coating After the primer is dried and solidified, polish the primer with sandpaper and prepare for soil filling.   6. Soil filling The automobile surface with low concave shall be filled with atomic ash and polished dry.   7. Grinding Select different grinding methods according to different surface shapes, and then smoothly transfer the edge of atomic ash and the old paint of the original car to the assembly line requirements of the original car.   8. Spraying primer or scraping and filling eye ash Spray primer or scrape and fill the hole ash at the filling place and level some holes and damaged parts of the atomic ash.   9. Primer grinding Polish the primer or eye putty. After leveling, use sandpaper to expand the grinding range and enhance the adhesion of the new paint surface on the old paint film. After polishing, the preparation before painting can be started. 10. Water blowing shelter For all edge joints within the scope to be painted, use compressed air to dry the water in the edge joint, and cover the parts not to be painted. Process requirements for automobile paint Before our country each automobile maintenance unit to the body surface paint repair coating mostly uses the single vehicle manual work. In order to ensure the quality of the paint on the body surface, the paint room equipment is generally used. Paint spraying and baking room is produced by many manufacturers, which can be divided into three types: large, medium and small. Large size can be applied to group bus, medium size can be applied to coach, small size can be applied to car. When there is no small equipment, large and medium size can also be used instead. There are two heating modes of paint spraying and baking room: electric heating mode and diesel heating mode. Generally, electric heating mode is more convenient, and the price is higher To increase capacity. Some of the diesel heating methods are imported combustion engines, which have high thermal efficiency and should be used safely. No matter which type, it is necessary to preheat the paint room before use. If several vehicles can be operated continuously, the cost can be saved.   The paint spraying and baking room has requirements for air purification rate, so air filter materials should be used, and high-efficiency non-woven filter cloth should be generally selected. If it is used for a long time and the pollution is serious, it should be replaced with new ones.      There are also requirements for lighting and baking equipment in the room of paint spraying and baking room. It is required that the light is bright and soft, the service life is long, the body surface can be seen clearly, the paint quality can be ensured, the baking equipment temperature is constant and the baking is even. In paint spraying and baking room, the electric control system is mostly used for program control, so that the painting and baking process can be controlled, and the equipment can be used conveniently and stably Only when it is reliable, can the paint repair and coating of automobile achieve satisfactory effect.

What is the choice of car paint classification?

Brief introduction of automobile paint The so-called car paint, the paint sprayed on the car is called car paint. Automobile paint is also a kind of paint. Spraying paint on the car not only forms a protective film on the surface of the car body, which is not easy to be corroded, but also extends the service life of the car. Automobile paint is mainly composed of resin, pigment, auxiliary agent, filler, curing agent, solvent, etc., which is different from other paints. Generally, it is baking paint. In the dust-free workshop of the car factory, the electrostatic painting process is used to spray the top paint, and then the temperature is about 200 degrees. Some of them will be coated with varnish. Due to the high price of automobile itself and the experience of spring, summer, autumn and winter, the performance requirements of automobile paint are very high. Automobile paint should not only have good mechanical properties, good fullness, high gloss, but also have good adhesion, high hardness, strong scratch resistance, as well as excellent weather resistance, scratch resistance, wear resistance, gloss persistence, and excellent resistance Gasoline, alcohol, acid, alkali and salt fog resistance. Classification of automobile paint 1. Common paint Common paint is the most common automotive paint, using resin, pigment and additives, which belongs to "single layer" paint and can be sprayed directly up once. Ordinary paint does not mix with other colors, so the cost is relatively low. However, the whole body looks monotonous, which is suitable for some pure and demanding car owners. But its glossiness is not good, the surface hardness is not high, especially easy to scratch.   2. Metallic paint The metal paint has high hardness and is not easy to be scratched. The whole body looks very high-grade, which is a kind of paint commonly used in automobiles. This type of car paint is mixed with the crushed metal (aluminum particles), which can change the color or contour of the car through different directions and light. As long as the shape and size of aluminum particles are changed, the flash degree of metal flash paint film can be controlled.   3. Pearlescent paint This is a kind of automobile top coat which is more fashionable at present, also called mica paint. It is similar to metallic paint, but the light reflected by it is more eye-catching, a pearl like astigmatism, and each color will have different colors when viewed from different angles, so it will bring a new feeling to people. Car paint selection 1. Paint color Generally speaking, after the model is selected, customers only need to choose their own color according to the alternative color system provided by the main engine factory. There are a lot of car paint colors. The same car paint color will also bring different effects to consumers. The appearance of red, yellow, silver and white car body is more secure and more conspicuous in the shuttle traffic, while blue, green and black are less prominent than the former, especially in the early morning or in the evening when the light is not strong, they are more likely to be ignored by other car owners. But which color to choose depends on the personal preference of the owner.   2. Paint type As mentioned above, there are common paint, metallic paint and pearlescent paint. Which one is the best? The same white paint, different paint, such as plain paint, pearlescent paint and metallic paint, has different appearance effects. Metallic paint and pearlescent paint film is hard, not easy to be scratched by objects, with excellent durability and corrosion resistance, but the price is higher. The advantage of non-metallic paint is its low price.   3. Dirt resistance Many of the car paint colors are the original factory paint, do not need workshop master color matching. For example, white, red and silver gray are the preferred colors for customers to buy cars. But white will always with the passage of time, and there are varying degrees of yellowing, red and silver will be much better. Therefore, from the durability of the paint, red and silver are better. Light paint will perform better than dark paint in dirt resistance.
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