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Yilong coatings to implement full service management, follow-up of the whole process of customized services. Yilong coatings has a technical team composed of senior coating R & D experts, coating management experts, coating equipment experts, coating pretreatment experts and coating technicians to provide users with all-round services.
1. The online system design of user's products can provide users with scientific and systematic coating solutions; recommend appropriate coating line design and coating equipment based on the experience of serving many users; develop the best coating varieties and construction process scheme according to the characteristics of user's products and coating process equipment, and provide on-site technical training guidance to help users achieve design indicators.
2. Meet the needs of users, tailor-made "personalized" products, constantly update or optimize the product quality, so as to achieve timely development and rapid delivery.
3. All weather, zero distance tracking service for users. For key users, technical personnel will be sent to the factory to follow the line; other users will be visited regularly, on call, and quick response service; for new users, package teaching and meeting will be implemented, and hand-in-hand training service will be provided.

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