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Not lose light, not lose color
The UV shielding technology can effectively reduce the damage of UV to the film and improve the light and color retention of the film.
After two years of exposure test in Hainan exposure test field, the film has no obvious loss of light and discoloration.
Masked light free
In the process of film formation, the two different layers of film are formed by phase separation. To achieve the effect of finishing coat and finishing coat.
The successful application of self delamination technology can effectively reduce the cost of coating, save the finishing paint and reduce the number of times of coating.
Low consumption
With high solid content material, the effective composition of the coating is greatly improved, and the consumption of the coating is effectively reduced.
Green environmental protection
While persistently pursuing the ultimate performance of coatings, it also insists on the idea of green environmental protection. Try our best to avoid the use of benzene solvents restricted by the state, to achieve zero content of benzene solvents in diluent, and the content of benzene solvents in paint is far lower than the national standard.
Using the company's environmental protection coating, users are more likely to meet the national requirements for the discharge of harmful substances.
High fullness and luster
High gloss film-forming materials and advanced dispersion technology are used to make the film more delicate, fuller and glossier.

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