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Talent team:
The company has 44 engineering and technical personnel, including 32 professional R & D technicians, including 8 senior scientific research personnel (including 5 part-time employees), 11 intermediate engineers, and 28 personnel with bachelor degree or above, accounting for 63.90% of the total number of technical centers.
Scientific research achievements:
With the foresight of the industry and the spirit of struggle, the researchers of Yilong coatings company have continuously developed new products to meet the market requirements
1. Solvent free vehicle coatings
2. Vehicle coatings without intermediate coat and gloss
3. Metal coatings for motorcycle engine without gloss
4. Low VOC coatings
5. One coat UV curing product
6. Waterborne motorcycle engine coating
7. Waterborne plastic coatings
8. Waterborne high gloss metallic coatings
9. Waterborne high corrosion resistant coatings

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