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Technical centerYilong coating technology R & D center has a total investment of more than 20 million yuan, with a modern R & D building of more than 2800 square meters. It has a central laboratory, a quality inspection center, a sample observation room, a product reference room, an academic exchange hall, etc., and a coating robot intelligent spraying laboratory. The basic test conditions for scientific research are good. The technical center is equipped with more than 180 sets of international top experimental and testing equipment. The internal network interconnection is realized and the information automatic management is implemented in an all-round way.
Under the organization and leadership of general manager Chen, who was born in scientific research, the director of the technical center of the company implements the responsibility system of Project Director Engineer. The technical center formulates the scientific research plan, selects topics and projects, researches and researches in groups, coordinates as a whole, supervises and assesses, and strictly appraises the achievements. The overall operation is gradually standardized and efficient.
The deputy director of the company's technology center shall be the director of the company's technology. The deputy director is responsible for formulating and implementing the implementation plan, supervising the technical breakthrough of various projects, and coordinating the interface requirements of production, supply, technology, users and other related technical products. Solve timely problems in operation.
In order to better standardize the operation of the center, the company has established an effective organizational structure according to the needs and requirements.
Technical Committee: responsible for data and information collection, data preparation, file standardization, market research, understanding of market demand, detailed organization and implementation of technical route and technical scheme, preparation of Research Report and development plan, etc.
Expert Committee: the company's technical authoritative personnel and professors and experts from Chengdu Organic Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chongqing University of science and technology are invited. Be responsible for project initiation and completion review, guide the technical department to tackle key projects and propose solutions.
Equipment introduction:
QUV accelerated aging tester:
This testing machine is a well-known international brand. It adopts innovative condensation system and spray system, which can simulate dew and rain respectively, and uses fluorescent ultraviolet lamp to reproduce the aging effect of sunlight. In a few days or weeks, reappear the aging effect that may occur only in a few months or years outdoors. Good reproducibility.
Q-sun xenon lamp aging test chamber:
This test box is a famous brand in the world, which is used to test the weather resistance of materials. Xenon lamp is used to simulate the damage effect of sunlight, and spray function is used to simulate rain and dew. Automatic control of exposure, dark, spray sequence, while controlling the relative humidity. It makes the experiment more accurate and reproducible. The test box meets almost all the requirements of international and domestic standards.
This instrument is a multi angle spectrophotometer specially designed for metal coatings. It adopts unique 0 ° light receiving and 25 °, 45 ° and 75 ° lighting modes. The unique optical system is completely symmetrical, which will not produce the common orientation error of multi angle instrument before, and the measurement is more accurate.
Orange peel instrument:
This instrument is an international first-line brand, which is used to evaluate high-quality surface appearance (orange peel, brilliance). From simple measurement of product development to process control of quality, the instrument can play a good role.

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